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in the world of computer graphics and broadcast technologies for more than two decades.

Computer Graphics and Animation

We supply 3d and motion graphics for broadcast and entertainment industry. Multimedia content for stage LED walls and graphic packs for television shows are our speciality

Software Development

Bespoke application development for broadcast and entertainment industry. TV show automation, game show logic control and score boards, data visualization, light and sound equipment control.

Game Development

Computer game components development. FBX/Unity workflow compatible, textured and animated models. 2D/3D character design. IOS, Android or desktop optimized content.

No matter graphics or software, we always deliver solutions tailored for your project.


or examples of what we actually do.

I Can See Your Voice, Bulgaria

Graphics Pack

Bloomberg TV Bulgaria

Software development

I Can Do That, Bulgaria

Graphics and software development

The X-Factor, Bulgaria

Stage Multimedia Content

Your Face Sounds Familiar

Graphics and software development

The Great Expectations

Graphics and software development

Bulgaria Got Talent

Stage Multimedia Content

Bulgaria On Air

Graphics and software development

Aftermath Alvin

Game development

Risk Wins, Risk Lose

Software development

Clouds Of Steel

Game development

It is not

about the destination...

  • 1993~2005

    Learning the hard way.

    Hundreds of projects for various companies. Harsh transition from analog broadcast technology to the digital world. From simple tv idents to complete television graphic packs.

  • Spring 2006

    Building the Lab.

    We became supplier of computer animation and VFX for television commercials working as a subcontractor of the production companies. Clients including banks and insurance companies.

  • Fall 2009

    Expanding the Services

    Software development for television projects became part of our activities. Data visualization, game show automation, multimedia hardware interface programming, score boards and voting are the typical projects we work on.

  • Fall 2013

    The Grand Slam

    Ten years after completing our first project for one of the biggest in the industry - Sony Entertainment, we faced the ultimate challenge: The X Factor. For the last decade we served with graphics and/or software: Sony's Russian Roulette, Endemol's Star Academy, ScreenTime Partner's The Exam, Freemantle's Bulgaria Got Talent, Endemol's Your Face Sounds Familiar and many more and not just once.

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